Newton Community League is committed to achieving a healthy, safe and friendly environment by providing information, programs, support and resources to enhance the sense of community for Newton Residents.

The community of Newton is a quiet area just north of the river that features tree-lined streets, quaint houses and friendly faces enjoying a walk around the block. Approximately 3,000 people call the area home, and most have put down roots. According to city statistics, more than 65% of Newton's residents have lived in the neighbourhood for more than five years.


  1. Walk with other kids or have your parents walk with you. 
  2. Stay on the sidewalks and don’t cut across people’s yards. 
  3. Cross at intersections and obey traffic lights. 
  4. Make-up is better than a mask. A mask may make it hard to see... 
  5. Have a plan for walking so you cross the street only when necessary. 
  6. Don’t go into other people’s houses. Stay outside. 
  7. Go only to houses that are well lighted. 
  8. Wear bright, reflective colors so that drivers can see you when it gets dark. Remember that just because you see the cars doesn’t mean the drivers see you. 
  9. Be courteous and say “Thank you” to the people who give out treats. 
  10. Have your parents check your treats for tampering before you eat any. If you see something suspicious, throw it away. Make sure that the treats are in their original wrappers. Don’t eat homemade treats unless you know the people who gave them to you. 
  11. Carry identification, including your name, address, and phone number. 
  12. Trick-or-treat only in your own neighborhood. 
  13. After dark, take a flashlight along. This will help you see where you are going, and let drivers see you. 
  14. Wear costumes that are fireproof and not too long or too loose.