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Corner Store Program – 2016 Update

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Braidon Reid wanted to give you a heads up that he’ll be surveying the community about the changes they would like to see at Newton Centre. It concerns the $250,000 that the program can spend on the City land surrounding the centre and how it can be used during the neighbourhood renewal process to make that area just that much better. … Read more »

Master Composter Recyclers Program

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The City of Edmonton is looking for volunteers to become Master Composter Recyclers – specially trained volunteers who share their waste reduction message with friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers. Volunteer activities include showing a neighbour how to grasscycle, helping a family start a worm compost, hosting a wasteless dinner party, or being a compost mentor at a community garden. To… Read more »

Active Recreation and Sport Strategy – Survey

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The City of Edmonton’s Active Recreation and Sport Strategy aims to help foster networks, culture, policies and places that enable and encourage the people who live here – of all ages, abilities and interests – to live active and healthy lives. As a follow-up to the stakeholder consultation meetings your organization was invited to in September 2015, the City is… Read more »

Eastglen Leisure Centre – Update

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I would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time to the consultation process concerning the revitalization of Eastglen Leisure Centre. The information we received at the community conversation and through the online survey has led to a clearer understanding of how Eastglen Leisure Centre supports you and your neighbors. In response to what we’ve heard, The City of Edmonton… Read more »