Lawn Bowls…. A Sport for Life

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Lawn bowls is one of the oldest English sports believed to have first been played in the 13th century.  It was the expansion of the British Empire that saw the introduction of bowls to other nations. The Scots organized the sport in the mid 1800’s and early in 1900 the world lawn bowls organization was established. Lawn bowls continues to be is a worldwide competitive sport played in over 40 countries and is one of the sports of the Commonwealth Games. Lawn bowling began in Edmonton in 1845 and in its heyday there were 11 lawn bowling clubs in our city.  Today there are 3 unique clubs remaining, the Royal, Highlands and Commonwealth.

Bowls is a relatively easy game to play, the object being to roll your bowls down a smooth green to get as close as possible to a small white ball called a jack. Unlike other lawn or indoor bowling games a lawn bowl has a weighted side and travels in an arc making it similar to curling. The low impact sport of lawn bowling enjoyed by players ages 9-90, is a great social sport and will get you outside in the fresh air and sunshine. At the competitive level endurance, flexibility and strategy are crucial.

On Sunday, May 29th 10-4 pm, all 3 Edmonton clubs will be hosting their annual Open House. This is an opportunity to have a free introductory lesson, look around at each club’s greens and clubhouse and meet their members.  The fees for this sport are relatively low and all clubs have bowls for newcomers to use free of charge. All that is required is smooth soled heelless shoes and comfortable clothing.

If you are looking for a fun, competitive sport that is easy to play but challenging to master check the websites below for the location of each club and more information about the sport its members love.

Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club

Royal Lawn Bowling Club

Highlands Lawn Bowling Club