Building Community Through Recreation

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We are excited to introduce Neighbourhood Play Streets as an example of event planning that brings neighbourhoods together in creative and dynamic ways.  Meet organizations that are making Northeast Edmonton fun and unique. Leave with new ideas, tools and resources to enhance your next recreation program or event. Light refreshments from the Highlands Golf Club will be provided.

Building Community Through Recreation Network #3 Spring 2019 Event
Monday, 13 May 2019
6:15pm – Networking
6:30pm – Program
Highlands Golf Club, 6603 Ada Boulevard Northwest
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What is Building Community Through Recreation?
It is a framework for promoting recreation as a catalyst for positive community connections. Recreation brings people together, and when used as a tool can create opportunities for increasing social connectedness and improving the health of communities. We acknowledge that recreation is a very diverse field: passive or active, organized or pick-up/shinny, paid or free, individual or in groups/teams, indoors or outdoors, and so on. For us, recreation includes arts, leisure/active living, cultural activities, and the various levels of sport.

What are Building Community Through Recreation (BCTR) Networks?
BCTR Networks create an opportunity and ‘space’ for your organization to connect with other community groups and local organizations about recreation and develop capacity together in the network area. City of Edmonton staff from Neighbourhood Services host
BCTR Networks and in-person events to create an opportunity for learning and collaborating face-to-face about recreation.

There are 8 geographic zones across the city for BCTR networks, each focusing on the unique recreation aspects of the area. The boundaries are porous, meaning that organizations from across the city are welcomed to any of the networks, but the focus of discussion will be about recreation within and around the specific geographic area.