Newton Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch programs are geared toward creating safer communities through crime prevention programs and education. It is crime prevention FOR the community BY the community. 

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Newton Neighbourhood Watch
Contact Person
Rak Prasad
(780)  918-1664

Edmonton Police Services


  1. Remove all valuables from your vehicles (valuables= anything someone with nothing would want to have i.e. change, clothing, sunglasses, charge cards, etc.)
  2. Remove garage door openers from cars and keep your registration on you.
  3. Record serial numbers of valuables, and keep personal documents and rare valuables in a safe if possible.
  4. When away from your home have someone collect your mail, shovel your walks, etc.
  5. Travel in groups when possible to avoid isolation.
  6. If you are being followed in a car or on foot, do not go home. Call the police and you will be directed to enter the closest public establishment or drive by a police station so police can pick up the car.
  7. Do not give money to panhandlers. Social agencies are a better option. Nothing wrong with acknowledging their presence but you do not need to stop walking.


311 App
Allows you to take picture of problems and drop the city a GPS pin so they can find it (Needles, camps, potholes, graffiti etc.)

Call 211
Contact us for vulnerable persons that require transport to a shelter.

Non-Emergency Police Line
(780) 423-4567

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